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Casa dos Estudantes do Império. The Casa dos Estudantes do Império (Portuguese for Home of the Students of the Empire ) was a common home where Portuguese, Angolan, Cape Verdean and Mozambican students—and possibly Goan too—who stood up for the interests of the Portuguese colonies.

The house in which he was executed is now the Museo Casa de Morelos (Museum House of Morelos). Ecatepec was declared a city on December 1, 1980. In April 1995, the remains of a mammoth were found in Colonia Ejidos de San Cristóbal, where the ancient lakes of Xaltocan-Ecatepec and Texcoco came together and where the Aztecs build a dam to keep the fresh and salty waters separate.

As the story progresses it is revealed Eren has the power of becoming a Titan which mankind uses to their advantage to defeat their enemies. In the anime adaptation of the series, Eren has been voiced by Yūki Kaji in Japanese and Bryce Papenbrook in English.

Additionally, a series of four guidebooks about the second anime series was released between August 2009 and August 2010. An anime character guide book called was released in Japan and in the United States.

El Modelo. El Modelo (originally El Modelo Tortilla Factory) is a Mexican and New Mexican cuisine restaurant in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, which was founded in 1929. It is located in the historic neighborhood of Barelas.

While a sociology student in Nijmegen, Netherlands in 1981, Moorings met fellow musician and graphic designer Anka Wolbert who shared a similar taste in new wave music at the time. In 1983 the two recorded a five track EP entitled Subsequent Pleasures - an apparent homage to Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures - and gave a copy to Brendan Perry after a chance encounter in an Amsterdam restaurant.