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Guillem travelled widely in Spain, sojourning at the courts of Peter II of Aragon and Alfonso IX of León. Eventually he entered a hospital in Spain, in the land of Lord Roiz Peire dels Gambiaros (probably Pedro Ruiz de los Cameros), and there ended his life.

On Sep 6, Ruiz was selected as MVP of the PCL. Ruiz was called up to the Blue Jays major league roster on August 11, replacing Alex Ríos, who was claimed on waivers by the Chicago White Sox. Toronto was in New York at the time, to face the New York Yankees at the new Yankee Stadium, only a few blocks from where Ruiz had grown up.

The regency of Normandy was entrusted to the faithful Herluin, Count of Montreuil (who was also a vassal of Hugh the Great), while Richard I was imprisoned first in Laon and then in Château de Coucy. Albert of Vermandois took the side of the King and paid homage to him, while the Abbey of Saint-Crépin in Soissons was finally given to Renaud of Roucy.

Olivia later tells Broyles that even though John is still considered a traitor by the FBI, she knows in her heart that he was a hero. In the alternate timeline created by Peter Bishop’s erasure, many of the events of John’s life remain the same.

Upon the conclusion of the season, Port was commissioned her own spin-off series The City, which originally chronicled the lives of her and friends Olivia Palermo, Jay Lyon, Erin Lucas, and Adam Senn.

Renaud Island was again roughly surveyed in 1935–36 by the British Graham Land Expedition, under John Rymill. The point was named in 1954 by the UK Antarctic Place-Names Committee for the cutter Lively, one of the two vessels of Biscoe’s 1830–32 expedition.

Matthew Slaughter of Drowned in Sound rated the album seven out of ten, said it is as warped and wondrous a vision as Lynch has produced in recent times, teeming with his usual cast of naïve dreamers, warped killers and femme fatales, summarising it as brilliant, inconsistent, pleasing [and] frustrating.

Karlowy Vary. Karlowy Vary was a Yugoslav underground band from Zagreb active in the 1980s in former Yugoslavia. They released two albums. The first one was banned by the Communist regime. The second was released by PGP RTB, named La Femme.

As a comics theoretician she is the only one Polish member of the International Bande Dessinée Society (IBDS), the Nordic Network for Comics Research (NNCORE) and of the Comics Studies Society (CSS), and is likely to stay this way until 2050.