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Adobe distributed its Adobe Reader (now Acrobat Reader) program free of charge from version 2.0 onwards, and continued supporting the original PDF, which eventually became the de facto standard for fixed-format electronic documents.

White Oak Pocosin. The White Oak Pocosin is a large swamp in northern Onslow County and southern Jones County, North Carolina in the United States. It provides the headwaters of the White Oak River. The word pocosin is a Native American word meaning swamp.

Single brown hyenas may charge at leopards with their jaws held wide open and can tree adult male leopards; they have been observed treeing leopards even when no kill was in contention. In the Kalahari Desert, brown hyenas are often the dominant mammalian carnivores present because of this dominance behavior and the relative scarcity of lions, spotted hyenas, and packs of African wild dogs.

Islam, practiced by almost the entire population forms an important link between Nigerien communities, as does a shared post-independence history, national symbols, and festivals. See also: National symbols of Niger and Public holidays in Niger.

Popular conception suggests that typical middle-class brides likely knew nothing about sex and learned about their husbands’ expectations for it on their wedding night, and that the experience was often traumatic.

In 2000, the American Chemical Society presented him with its National Award in Analytical Chemistry. McCrone served on the board of directors and as president of the Ada S. McKinley Community Services, Inc., a nonprofit social services agency in Chicago.

It is well recognized that the MDRD formula tends to underestimate GFR in patients with preserved kidney function. Studies in 2008 found that the Mayo Clinic Quadratic Equation compared moderately well with radionuclide GFR, but had inferior bias and accuracy than the MDRD equation in a clinical setting.