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Ellis has billed alongside such acts as Hannah Montana, The Cheetah Girls, Vanessa Hudgens, Everlife, Lalaine, Aaron Carter, Jesse McCartney, Lil Romeo, and Ziggy Marley. Daniel Ellis has been in the movies Bad Santa, Life or Something Like It, Lonely Street, Ventful and more.

My opinion was not improved after seeing it a second time, I’m afraid. I was only caught up at all when the Bowie character recorded his video for his new single Tumbling Down. I thought there was magic about the shoot.

With lyrics similar to those of a narcocorrido (drug ballad), has appeared the Mexican Narco-rap. However, unlike the corridos, which relate to rural regions of the Mexican Pacific (and which are generally linked to the Sinaloa cartel) the narco-rap emerged in the urban area of Tamaulipas, in the border with Texas, a turf currently under armed dispute between the Zetas and the Gulf Cartel.

We really tried to emulate the sound of a Quincy Jones-type production on this song. The idea was trying to bring some of the old skool vibe back, and I think that’s sort of making a return with artists like Bruno Mars, Daft Punk/Pharrell and Robin Thicke anyway.

Immediately after selling his popular internet social-network company GeoCities to Yahoo! in 1999, David Bohnett turned his attention to activism, and created the David Bohnett Foundation to make grants in activist areas most important to him.

Lead single I Can Transform Ya, lyrically about introducing someone to a luxurious life, has a robotic-crunk groove, while making a heavy use of synthesizers and guitar riffs. Pass Out featuring Eva Simons, an Eurodisco song, samples the Call on me Steve Winwood’s Valerie, which was also used in Eric Prydz worldwide dance hit, Call on Me.

This work recalls popular initiatives such as Chicago’s Cows on Parade, albeit taking iconographic imagery from non-Western cultures and appropriating them [by Western audiences] into a commodity. Had Johnson used the top half of Jesus Christ’s head for this project, (placing it on the ground around Chicago,) many speculate there would have been public outrage.