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These systems have been called single-chain magnets. Some nano-structured materials exhibit energy waves, called magnons, that coalesce into a common ground state in the manner of a Bose–Einstein condensate.

By acquiring eReader, Fictionwise nearly doubled in revenue. After the eReader acquisition, Fictionwise immediately began expanding platform coverage of the eReader eBook format to include the three most recent versions of the Symbian operating system, the newer Mac OS X operating system, and the iPhone and iPod touch platforms.

Lissie’s live cover of Pursuit of Happiness, was included on the soundtrack to the 2013 comedy-drama film, The Dirties. In August 2016, Nike, Inc. used Lissie’s cover version of the song for their Unlimited Pursuit commercial.

The Mantis is based on advanced Israeli systems RAFAEL Spike LR ATGM, RAFAEL C4I Tactical System - a rugged laptop which is the center of the Mantis system, ESC BAZ retractable Multi-Sensor for surveillance and reconnaissance - includes a day camera, night (thermal) camera and a laser rangefinder and Azimuth Comet - provides target acquisition data such as coordinates to the targets.

The requirements were listed as supersonic ability, multifunction displays and On Board Oxygen Generation System. A DND spokesman has said that aircraft from France, the United Kingdom, Italy, and South Korea were considered.

Metro Bacolod. The Bacolod Metropolitan Area, also known as Metro Bacolod (; ), is the 8th-most populous and the 6th-most densely populated metropolitan area out of the 12 metropolitan areas in the Philippines.

Renovales also claims Centeno as the owner of the Anne, without mention of Low. Three American officers and a doctor accompanied Sloat in this mission. Pedergrast, George A. Magrades and Francis Store plus a crew of twenty-three sailors were assigned to the mission.

Following the acquisition, Mansfield stayed on with Apple to fill his new role of senior vice president of Mac Hardware Engineering, overseeing teams that delivered products such as the iMac and MacBook.