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Dzama Rhum was the idea of Lucien Fohine (half-Chinese, half-Malagasy) and his wife. They owned a grocery business and a scotch whiskey distribution company. After importing by the bottle, the Fohines took advantage of the economies of scale afforded by importing in barrels and bottling domestically.

The store consciousness, while being originally immaculate in itself, contains a mysterious mixture of purity and defilement, good and evil. Because of this mixture the transformation of consciousness from defilement to purity can take place and awakening is possible.

Its placement is not definitely resolved. It is the only member of the genus Icteria. Found throughout North America, from southern-plains of Canada to central Mexico during the summer, these birds mainly migrate to Mexico and Central America, although some of their number may overwinter in coastal areas.

Haines scored his first big personal success with Brown of Harvard (1926) opposite Jack Pickford and Mary Brian. It was in Brown that he crystallized his screen image, a young arrogant man who is humbled by the last reel.

On April 12, 2007, Codey became Acting Governor of New Jersey when Corzine was incapacitated due to serious injuries suffered in a car accident that day. Codey became acting governor since New Jersey did not have the position of lieutenant governor until after the 2009 election.

Thermes de Cluny. The Thermes de Cluny are the ruins of Gallo-Roman thermal baths lying in the heart of Paris’ 5th arrondissement, and which are partly subsumed into the Musée national du Moyen Âge - Thermes et hôtel de Cluny.

The line is within the section of the poem entitled The Burial of the Dead, which depicts a comfortless, lifeless land of desert and rubble, reflecting the empty moral ambience of the novel. The title phrase had been used earlier by Joseph Conrad in the story Youth; by Tennyson in Maud; and even earlier by John Donne in his Meditations.

OOIOO. OOIOO is a group founded by Boredoms drummer (and occasional trumpeter and vocalist) Yoshimi P-We. According to AllMusic’s Kieran McCarthy It’s next to impossible to describe their sound, because — by design — it rarely follows consistent patterns.

This was presented by Gerry Ryan from 1988 until his sudden death on 30 April 2010. The Gerry Ryan Show was the longest running show in the station’s history. The station is recognised as being the first in the world to play any new single released by U2, due to the band’s long-term friendship with Dave Fanning.