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Clean-up began on the following day from the shores of Bodskär, Rödskär and Garpen islands where oily ice was collected into containers to be melted. During the following days several vessels of the Swedish Coast Guard arrived at the scene and began the difficult task of collecting and separating oil that had mixed with drift ice.

Where there is possible confusion, an asterisk () is also used. Sitting senators are shown in bold text. Tickets that elected at least one Senator are highlighted in the relevant colour. Successful candidates are identified by an asterisk ().

Direct Group Pty Ltd. Direct Group Pty Ltd is a holding company comprising three strands - Direct Marketing, Direct Selling and Direct Television. The company owns Australian television channels TVSN and Expo Channel, along with a range of other related business.

Gaika people. The Ngqika or Gaika are the royal clan of the Rharhabe Xhosa, who moved westwards over the Kei River, away from the Xhosa heartland. Historically, they are often contrasted with the Gcaleka Xhosa who remained behind in the Xhosa Transkei.

Sandra Brinckerhoff ), and their children’s college expenses. The couple live in Jackson, Wyoming. In the late 2000s, the Brinckerhoffs provided charitable support to the Anchor Center for Blind Children.

At first Raihan’s parents do not agree to take their son off the ventilator and donate their son’s heart but Rajeev and Raihan’s girlfriend persuade them into it. Now that the heart is available, the problem was with transporting it from Kochi to Palakkad.

In March 2003 the founder Paul Peck had already been able to collect 300 entries of 100 different people for the database. In order to get more momentum for the project he decided to seek out the local University - University of Texas at Dallas in April 2003.