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Convection introduces effects of momentum which appear as non-linearity in the dynamical equations. In the more restricted case of no convective motion, Prigogine wrote of dissipative structures. Šilhavý (1997) offers the opinion that. the extremum principles of [equilibrium] thermodynamics. do not have any counterpart for [non-equilibrium] steady states (despite many claims in the literature).

Due to the decline of the pharmaceutical industry during the 2007–10 recession in the United States, Azopharma, a pharmaceutical testing subsidiary of Thanedar’s business, suffered major losses, causing Bank of America to file suit against Azopharma’s parent company to recover $26.5 million.

However, real aggregate supply does constrain. Inflation results because capital goods industries cannot meet new, real demands for capital goods by entrepreneurs by increasing capacity. They may try but this would involve making higher bids in the factor market which itself is supply-constrained—thus raising factor prices and hence the price of goods in general.

The left-hand panel displays the hierarchy tree of documents, and the right-hand panel displays the contents of the currently selected item in the hierarchy. It has a rich-text edit control for notes and a folder preview with thumbnails of documents if a folder is selected.

Physician residency programs, affiliated with Memorial Hospital in York, Pennsylvania, exist on-site for emergency medicine and surgery. On September 9, 2013, Holy Spirit Health System signed a letter of intent with Geisinger Health System, a world-class health care organization that serves the needs of 2 million people in 31 counties in central Pennsylvania.

Simons concludes, In his haste to appease a few protesters, the mayor, usually a champion of the arts, made a serious error in judgment. Instead of giving McCourt’s divinely inspired statues the bum’s rush, we should be celebrating this Canadian cross-pollination of cultures and aesthetic forms.

Yeongsan hoesang. Yeongsan hoesang (영산회상; 靈山會相) is a Korean court music repertoire originated from Buddhist music. Originally sung with 7 words chanting Yeongsan hoesang bulbosal, the piece told the Buddha’s sermon in Mount Yeongsan, India, according to Lotus Sutra.

Yellowstone is a highly capable petascale system designed for conducting breakthrough scientific research in the interdisciplinary field of Earth system science. Yellowstone is a 1.5-petaflops IBM iDataPlex cluster computer with 4,518 dual-socket compute nodes that contain 9,036, 2.6-GHz Intel Xeon E5-2670 8-core processors (72,288 cores), and its aggregate memory size is 144.6 terabytes.