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Mahony, from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, showed his support of immigrant protesters and urged Catholics, many of whom are Latina/o, to support the protests. He urged the Catholic community to spend Lent fasting and praying for an immigration reform that would counteract HR-4437 and the criminalization of immigrants.

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For example, there were many mango trees in his locale, and it was common for people to go to the trees and throw rocks at the fruit, and in the process they would knock down far more than they were going to eat, or they knocked down the unripe fruit along with the ripened fruit; and as a result the tree would be denuded before the season was over.

He added that as they days wore on, the strength of the Carthaginians begun to fail because they had not had a chance to have breakfast. Scipio had delayed the beginning of the battle proper for this reason.

In the Perazzi factory there is a public viewing area of shotgun production. Customers also have the option of visiting a nearby Perazzi family restaurant for homemade pasta and wine while their shotgun is being made.