How To Write Out Numbers Greater Than 100

He later retired to a monastery to write what was intended to be his great work, a chronicle of world history, Ekloge chronographias (), or Extract of Chronography. According to Anastasius Bibliothecarius, George struggled valiantly against heresy [i.e.

Director Yates’ use of the new lightweight Arriflex cameras allowed for greater flexibility in location shooting. At the time of the film’s release, the car chase scene generated prodigious excitement.

Emily Williams Kelly told The New York Times: Presumably, if someone had a vivid dream about him, in which there seemed to be a word or a phrase that kept being repeated—I don’t quite know how it would work—if it seemed promising enough, we would try to open it using the combination suggested.

In February 1987, Texas Air moved six airplanes from Eastern to Continental, a move that was seen as an anti-union move because Continental no longer had union workers. In March, Texas Air purchased Eastern’s reservation system in a new subsidiary, SystemOne, for $100 million, substantially below its estimated value of $200 million to $400 million.

Dates in the present article are one year earlier than those given in the third edition of Thiele’s The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings, thereby correcting an internal consistency that Thiele never resolved, as explained in the Rehoboam article.

Bloom remained on defense for the remainder of the campaign. The Shaw campaign commercials can be found here:. Ultimately, Shaw won by 599 votes out of more than 220,000 votes cast. It was only the second difficult re-election contest for Shaw.

Excerpts from the British premier’s speech were published in a Greek army order of the day and distributed among the Greek troops in Asia Minor. Having failed to carry out the Constantinople coup, King Constantine’s government once more reverted to the plan for the proclamation of an independent Ionia.