How To Use In Addition To In A Sentence

As she had committed similar offences in 2001 and 2008, her resulting probation was seen by some commentators as too lenient. The perceived leniency in her sentence provoked an uproar in Hong Kong for alleged preferential treatment.

The sentencer is required to consider the guidelines and, if they decide to impose a different type of sentence, to give their reasons for doing so. Section 142 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 sets out five purposes of sentencing, to which any court dealing with an offender must have regard:

Jabberwocky sentence. A Jabberwocky sentence is a type of sentence of interest in neurolinguistics. Jabberwocky sentences take their name from the language of Lewis Carroll’s well-known poem Jabberwocky.

She believe that Jesus has made the only pertinent remark to the question; that we must forgive, that we must bear iniquity, that we must go the second mile, and give the cloak in addition to the shirt and turn the other cheek.

In addition, it contains unsaturated fatty acid lacking in animal products but promotes health. People of all ages can get value from it, making it an economical and convenient food both in daily life and on trips.

In addition, following the Jordanian occupation of the West Bank during the war, King Abdullah I of Jordan removed Amin al-Husayni as Grand Mufti and appointed Sheikh Hussam ad-Din Jarallah as the new Grand Mufti of Jerusalem on 20 December 1948.

Ranking watchers, such as the media, keep track of when teams have clinched, or how close they are to achieving this (see Magic number (sports). In standing charts displayed in newspapers and on websites, teams that have clinched a berth or even their division are generally indicated with various letters and symbols.

In secondary schools in 2000-2004, 21% of boys and 4% of girls used snus daily or occasionally. Many people both smoke and use snus. The proportion of smokers is higher among immigrants to Norway than among ethnic Norwegians.

Pilat was switched to overnight on the weekends for 2 years until frustration grew and a life-threatening automobile accident destroyed his back and the 60 mile drive became impossibility for him. While being injured Pilot learned the basics of Web Development and Design from friends and eventually thru trial and error how to be a professional Webmaster.

The controversy’s first major impact on the Hall of Fame ballot was seen in, and the arrival in future years of additional candidates with either alleged or actual links to PED use suggested that the issue would be significant in Hall voting for at least several more years.

Prisoners were often prohibited from having books of their own, especially ones with content that was seen as possibly anti-communist. Alexander Dolgun describes how the camp commandant would regularly visit his barracks and confiscate poetry books or books discussing religion.

Bidayuhs also use distilling methods to make arak tonok, a kind of moonshine. The Bidayuhs speak a number of different but related dialects. Some Bidayuhs speak either English or Sarawak Malay as their main language.