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Shir (Neolithic site) Shir (German transcription according to the German Oriental Society [DMG]: Šīr/Arabic: شير ) is a Late Neolithic site in western Syria, located 12 km northwest of Hama, capital of the province by the same name.

The formula has unfortunately become all too familiar. First choose who you want Jack the Ripper to be. Then plunder the books, the newspapers, and, if the budget will stretch to it, the Ripper files at the Public Record Office, for facts which can be bullied into investing your fantasy with a veneer of plausibility.

Before the twist, before the watusi, the frug, and the swim, in 1943, ten years before Elvis Presley, came the shag dance, a unique, fast-footed, smooth, cool derivation of the jitterbug. The shag became a Southern tradition, today recognized as the official state dance of both North and South Carolina.

Grainger (as Milieu) created the soundtrack to the ambient videogame Eufloria, which was released on PC, MAC, Playstation Network, IoS, Android, and Steam. Through the Eufloria soundtrack, Grainger’s music has reached nearly 450,000 gamers by December 2012 and over 500,000 gamers by March 2013.

The museum is open to the public twice per year (Cal Day and Darwin Day). The museum’s origins date back to the 1880s, with the university’s earliest teaching collection. After entomologist Edward Oliver Essig joined the faculty in 1914, he began to expand its collections.

John Walsh filmed and recorded commentary tracks with Ray Harryhausen in his London home commencing 17 May 2012. This last was recorded in January 2013. John Walsh donated the film and sound footage recorded entirely to the Ray Harryhausen Foundation and they contain many new revelations by Ray on how his films were created and produced.

It grows extremely tall and its trunk is relatively thin, compared to other arborescent aloes. Therefore especially tall plants sometimes fall over when they do not have support (in their natural habitat, they tend to grow among rocks and thickets, which provide support).