How To Attain Moksha In Jainism The Highest

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The nearest town is the large town of East Grinstead, immediately across the West Sussex border which adjoins Dormans Park. The highest point of the south-east of Surrey is here: Dry Hill, 172 metres above sea level — an outcrop of the Low Weald, it is the 19th highest hill in Surrey.

Her parents, who worry about Shiraki being unmarried, run a bookstore where she sometimes helps out. Takaya said in an author’s note that Shiraki is possibly sad that she is a woman and secretly insecure of how tall she is, but since Hatori Sohma is tall too, they might look pretty good together as a tall couple.

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This has been accepted as a facet of our proud heritage. The three deities came to be claimed as the symbols of Samyak Darshan, Samyak Jnana and Samyak Charita usually regarded as Triratha (of the Jain cult), an assimilation of which leads to Moksha (salvation) or the ultimate bliss.

The region is predominantly Hindu. However, Jainism is historically significant in Bundelkhand, and several Tirthas are located in this region. Many prominent Jain scholars of the 20th century have been from this region.