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In 1962, White was appointed Chairman of the Young Farmers, and at the same time became a member of the Executive of Chelmsford Conservative Association, a position he held until 1999. He was first elected to Essex County Council in 1970 and served as Chairman of the council from 1989 to 1992.

At the same time, the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad abandoned its line from Madison to Freeport, Illinois. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation formed the Wisconsin River Rail Transit Commission (WRRTC) in March 1980 in the interest of preserving rail service on these lines.

The Sydney engravings are of a style known as simple figurative, which conventional archaeology dates to the last 5000 years. Other engravings show European sailing ships, and so cannot be more than about 200 years old.

The island platform has been demolished and houses have been built on part of the trackbed requiring the new single track to curve along the trackbed of the old up loop line into the new station. A joint ticket between the railway and nearby Groombridge Place is available.

Landis describes how US Postal tried to undermine his negotiations with the Phonak cycling squad by suggesting that Landis had signed a new contract with them (which was untrue), however Landis ended up as team leader of Phonak after Tyler Hamilton tested positive for doping and went into the 2006 Tour de France as one of the favorites.

Throughout the early 1840s, Hort’s letters to the London Jewish Chronicle and the Voice of Jacob reveal the difficulty of maintaining a Jewish community that could barely muster a minyan, owing to the demands of making a living, and complaining how few Jewish shopkeepers respected the sabbath by closing their doors, let alone celebrating Jewish holidays properly.

The Gift of her husband, Samuel Kidd. 1918. The Church of St Andrew, Bemerton, is known as George Herbert’s Church. It is in the parish of Bemerton. In George Herbert’s day the other little church in the area was St Peter’s Fugglestone which now comes within Wilton parish although in Herbert’s day there was the one parish of Bemerton-cum-Fugglestone.

This time Kidd was selected to the All-NBA Second Team. In the playoffs after splitting the first four games with the Milwaukee Bucks, the Nets recorded a 10-game winning streak, while sweeping the Celtics and the Detroit Pistons on the way to their second consecutive NBA Finals.