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Socrates, his son from second wife, became a leading Pentagon aeronautics engineer in his time. He got two lines of descendants with four children on his first wife Ursula Paez namely Jose, Rosario, Escolastico and Antonio and eight children on his second wife Margarita Torralba namely Leticia, Fernando, Socrates, Federico, Hipatia Patria, Espacia Lydia, Glicera Ruth & Margarita.

Margarit & Margarita, the story of two rebellious youths who fall in love, was banned shortly before the 1989 Revolution and was released shortly after. The Well tells the story of how Communism was imposed with an iron fist after the end of the Second World War.

Ivan prompted the evacuation of 270 animals at The Little Zoo That Could in Alabama. The evacuation had to be completed within a couple of hours, with only 28 volunteers available to move the animals. Ivan killed 64 people in the Caribbean—mainly in Grenada and Jamaica—three in Venezuela, and 25 in the United States, including fourteen in Florida.

On February 18, 2006, in Caracas, Venezuela the band performed their last concert. Jorge González moved to Mexico, leaving Tapia and Badilla in Chile. Although they’re no longer active, their music continues to be relevant and popular in Latin America.

In 1953, he became a General Practitioner in Shawinigan, Quebec. In 1955, he became a Fellow at the Mayo Clinic and received a Master of Science in Medicine in 1958 from the University of Minnesota. Returning to Canada in 1958, he became a consulting internist at the Notre Dame Hospital.

A successful lawyer, he married Maud Bourke, daughter of Viscount Mayo and great-great granddaughter of the Pirate Queen, Granuaile (Gráinne O’Malley 1530–1603). John Browne greatly increased his estate in Mayo and Galway including Cathair-na-Mart (the Fort of the Beeves) a ruinous O’Malley fortress on the shores of Clew Bay.