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Miller County, Arkansas Territory. Miller County was a county that existed from April 1, 1820 to 1838, first as part of Arkansas Territory and later the State of Arkansas. It included much of what is southeastern Oklahoma and the northeastern counties in Texas (Bowie, Red River, Lamar, Fannin, Cass, Morris, Titus, Franklin, Hopkins, Delta and Hunt).

Director Joseph Losey and the screenwriters chose to follow the latter approach, by making Modesty Blaise a campy, sometimes surrealistic comedy-adventure. O’Donnell’s original screenplay went through a large number of rewrites by other people, and he often later complained that the finished movie retained only one line of his original dialogue.

It reached number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100. A much appreciated live rendition of the song also has been made. Seger and colleagues decided to make Fire Lake the first single from Against the Wind because it was totally and unequivocally unlike anything I’d ever done before.

In 1948, Mr. Leidesdorf began his tenure on the board of the New York University Medical Center serving as the first Chair of the Building Committee. Later he served as the Chair of the board from 1956 until his death on September 21, 1968.

Worker Rights Consortium executive director Scott Nova said, Generally, in a labor rights investigation, the findings come after the evidence is gathered, not the other way around. I’m amazed that the FLA would give one of the most notoriously abusive factories in the world a clean bill of health—based, it appears, on nothing more than a guided tour provided by the owner.

Because the warheads need to be constantly refurbished, batches are shuttled by road convoy several times a year. Convoys use staging posts and crew change locations during this journey. The Truck Cargo Heavy Duty (TCHD) carriers containing the weapons are escorted in a convoy of MoD vehicles commanded by a Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) Chief Inspector.

Locked wheels can self-grind flat spots on the steel tyres, especially if the wheels are still sliding when arriving at a non-greasy section of rail, e.g. one that has previously been sanded. These flats subsequently cause severe vibration and the wheels must be re-profiled or re-tyred at great expense.