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Some 1,266 acres of land have been covered with 14 lakh plantations. In order to develop healthy awareness about the environment amongst the younger generation, Eco-clubs have been formed in DSP schools.

In addition to his work with 3, Joey Eppard has worked with many other musicians and bands, including Parliament-Funkadelic and Bad Brains. He also serves as a guitarist and vocalist for the psychedelic/funk band (in which Garry Shider and several other P-Funk members are also involved).

During the season, he was call-up to national team for the first time and played against Romania. Italy at that time qualified for UEFA Euro 2004 and aimed to find the best squad to the tournament. The friendly match ended in 1–0 won and Castellini played as Fabio Cannavaro’s substitute in the 55th minute.

According to popular conception, a true adder stone will float in water. Three traditions exist as to the origins of adder stones. One holds that the stones are the hardened saliva of large numbers of serpents massing together, the perforations being caused by their tongues.

It was the first time this had happened since 2003, when Räikkönen and Fisichella won their first victories at the consecutive Malaysian and Brazilian Grands Prix. Drivers’ Championship rivals, Alonso and Schumacher completed what was to be a controversial podium ceremony.

The Mōri agreed to the alliance, and sent Kobayakawa Takakage. Kōno and Kobayakawa brought their combined forces against Utsunomiya Toyotsuna at the Battle of Torisaka and were victorious. However, the Kōno region was retained by Toyotsuna after his defeat in this battle.