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More information on the difference between the claimant count and the headline measure of unemployment is in this pdf. Unemployment was a major political theme at the 1979 general election, with the Conservative opposition campaign claiming Labour isn’t working in an attack on the Labour government.

In June 1918, a number of Romanian prisoners who had signed up for the Volunteer Corps were cut off from Romania by the Russian Civil War and left to fend for themselves. The various groups were monitored by French public opinion, and plans were drafted to merge them into the Romanian Legion on the Western Front, or even to have them open up a new Eastern Front.

However the party chose not to register for the 2008 parliamentary elections; instead, they decided that a more effective course of action would be to merge itself into the non-partisan South Island First, a lobby group advocating greater self-determination for the South Island.

The AAPR also engaged in regular practices. Santiago personally opposed the revocation of a legal agreement reached between all of the municipalities and the Autoridad de Energia Electrica (AEE), which would endanger the availability of the electrical grid to smaller towns.

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The periodicals included Lamus and satirical Szczutka weekly. Many publications were fitted with high quality hard covers, best paper, carefully selected fonts, formats and illustrations. In 1907 the company was inherited by Alfred’s brother, Maurycy Altenberg who was unable to maintain it.

Norbert Michelisz finished 10th in Q2 to take the reversed grid pole position for race two. Muller led a Chevrolet 1–2–3–4 in Sunday morning’s warm-up session with Tarquini the fastest non-Chevrolet car.

The two others are, respectively, the stylized image of one of the Lavra’s founders - Anthony Pecherski and three domes with crosses. Many books of great importance in the history of Ukrainian national book publishing were printed on this paper.