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The most probable origin is that the term was adopted for its alliterative effect with the name LaGrange. Much like the use of the impossible-to-define term Hoosier for a person from Indiana, Granger is less a definitive mascot.

  1. Woolard was drafted in the fourth round, 47th overall, by the Chicago Fire in the 2007 MLS Supplemental Draft, and spent the next three seasons in Major League Soccer, appearing in 16 first team games including 8 starts and scoring one goal.

It is endemic to Brazil. It is a small, dumpy bird with broad tail-feathers and a total length of approximately 12.5 cm. The upperparts are plain blackish in colour while the underparts are dark grey. The flanks are slightly barred with brown, at least in young birds.

After missing out on the league title to the unbeaten Arsenal in the previous season, Chelsea continued spending large sums of money in order to build a squad capable of challenging for honours. Portuguese defender Paulo Ferreira also followed Mourinho to Chelsea from Porto.

A secret agreement with the government of Ireland allowed aircraft to fly from Lough Erne to the Atlantic along the Donegal Corridor, providing vital air cover from one of the most westerly RAF bases in the United Kingdom.