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Since the advent of the Internet, a variant technique has developed where the images are specially processed to minimize visible mis-registration of the two layers. This technique is known by various names, the most common, associated with diopter glasses, and warmer skin tones, is Anachrome.

Pothinus. Pothinus or Potheinos (early 1st century BC to 48 or 47 BC), a eunuch, was regent for Pharaoh Ptolemy XIII of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Ancient Egypt. He is most remembered for turning Ptolemy against his sister and co-ruler Cleopatra VII, thus starting a civil war, and for having Pompey decapitated and presenting the severed head to Julius Caesar.

Giancola has illustrated cards for the collectible card game. He has been described as a cult hero among fantasy collectible card game players. In 2008, the Bennington Banner referred to him as arguably the most popular and successful sci-fi/fantasy artist working today.

Ayyavazhi architecture was developed in constructing Nizhal Thangals, where the inverted lotus flower of Sahasrara is used to cover the roof. The lotus may also represent the heart and the flame shape (Thirunamam), the divinity.

Slavery was abolished in this constitution, but there was no provision as to civil rights for freedmen, or former slaves. This constitution was passed in an effort to complete Reconstruction and return power to local governments as quickly as possible.

In the final, he faced 2009 Chess World Cup winner Boris Gelfand for the right to play Viswanathan Anand in 2012 for the World Championship. After drawing the first five games, Gelfand won the final game to win the match 3½–2½.

So that Torah should be sweet on the tongue, the Hebrew letters are covered with honey, and the children lick them as they read. Sometimes the hair that is cut off in the upsherin ceremony is weighed, and charity is given in that amount.