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In a subsequent trial held between 14 and 22 December in Matang, Perak, Sultan Abdullah and Ngah Ibrahim was deposed and sent to exile in Seychelles. Dato Maharajalela, meanwhile, was found guilty for the murder of Birch and sentenced to death.

Folk signed the Anti-Breeders Act, directly leading to the permanent closure of the St. Louis Fairground Track. In 1908, after protracted political debate, the abandoned fairground was purchased from the association for park use by St. Louis for $700,000.

This legislation created boards of commissioners with the same powers given to Hanley and Burslem by the 1825 acts. Following these amendments to local policing and justice, the discussion of co-operation and federation between the various townships was subdued for several decades.

Saumarez then requested Downman to serve as his flag-captain aboard the 50-gun on the Guernsey station, where he spent the next 14 months. In November 1805 he took command of the 64-gun, flying the broad pennant of Commodore Sir Home Popham.

Bobby Keasler is, in terms of winning percentage, the worst coach the Warhawks have had, with a record of 8-28 (.222) in four seasons. Of the 13 Warhawks coaches, only one has been inducted in the College Football Hall of Fame, John David Crow, who was inducted as a player.

Core programming must be a regularly scheduled weekly program that is at least thirty minutes in length and aired between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. There is also the Three-Hour Rule, which states that broadcasters have to air a minimum of 3 hour/week of educational television for children in order for the FCC to have their license renewed. (More information below under 1996 Mandate)

The company introduced OnDemand3D, a diagnostic imaging software used for 2D/3D diagnosis in 2007, and In2Guide, an implant planning add-on to OnDemand3D as a stand-alone package, with surgical stent/template ordering capabilities in 2010.