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Srednja Dobrava. Srednja Dobrava () is a settlement in the Municipality of Radovljica in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia. The parish church in the village is dedicated to the Exaltation of the Cross and belongs to the Archdiocese of Ljubljana.

Reformers is the sole Australian trade distributor for both The Good Book Company, with its well-known Christianity Explored and Discipleship Explored ranges (by Rico Tice and Barry Cooper), and P&R Publishing (formerly Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing).

The following year, Nos 78, 80 and 82 Woodstock Road were also renovated. The houses are now named SH Ho House, Ho Tim House and KK Leung House in recognition of the gifts from the three Hong Kong benefactors that funded the renovations.

With Christopher Hawkes, she co-authored Prehistoric Britain (1943) and with J. B. Priestley she wrote Dragon’s Mouth (1952) and Journey Down a Rainbow (1955). Hawkes was the first woman to study archaeology and anthropology at Newnham College, Cambridge, where she graduated with first class honours.

On 7 February X Troop boarded the six converted Whitley bombers and were transported to Malta without incident despite a significant portion of the journey being over occupied France. At 18:30 on 10 February the six Whitleys took off from Malta, each carrying one officer and five other ranks of X Troop; the flight to the target area was uneventful, with clear weather and perfect visibility.

One peculiar merman, the villainous Kordax the Accursed, Shalako’s nephew, exhibits a strength exceeding his brethren and the ability to telepathically commune with water life, somehow passing both gifts to Aquaman, making him a superhero and an outcast at the same time.

After the folding of WUSA, WUSA Reorganization Committee was formed in September 2003 that led to the founding of Women’s Soccer Initiative, Inc. (WSII), whose stated goal was promoting and supporting all aspects of women’s soccer in the United States, including the founding of a new professional league.

From 1963–66 she played Mrs. Peace, housekeeper to Reverend Stephen Young (played by Donald Sinden) in the highly rated TV series Our Man At St. Mark’s. Hickson played the housekeeper in the Marple film Murder, She Said in 1961 (based on Agatha Christie’s original novel 4.50 From Paddington ), which starred Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple.

Laudrup provided another assist in the 2–0 victory against Middlesbrough at Stamford Bridge. Laudrup’s only Chelsea goal came in the Cup Winners’ Cup to give Chelsea a valuable 0–1 away win against Copenhagen to send Chelsea through to the quarter-finals.

According to Dean Falk’s ‘putting the baby down’ theory, vocal interactions between early hominid mothers and infants sparked a sequence of events that led, eventually, to our ancestors’ earliest words.