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George L. Kelling. George L. Kelling is an American criminologist, a professor emeritus in the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University–Newark, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, and a former fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

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Following a year-long search, 24-year-old actress Patina Miller was cast as Deloris, alongside Sheila Hancock as the Mother Superior, Ian Lavender as Monsignor Howard, Chris Jarman as Shank, Ako Mitchell as Eddie, Katie Rowley Jones as Sister Mary Robert, Claire Greenway as Sister Mary Patrick and Julia Sutton as Sister Mary Lazarus.

With his height, being only 1.81 m, he shares the unofficial World Record of height jumped above own height (59 cm) with USA’s 1970s jumper Franklin Jacobs. In 1993 he participated in a decathlon where he jumped higher in the high jump (2.04 m) than in the pole vault (2.00 m).

Bogart was thrilled at the opportunity to own his own record company outright and being able to make all the decisions, but he did insist on paying Warner Bros. in installment payments for the Casablanca label as opposed to taking it for free.

Additionally, Dante has also often been compared with the title character from Bayonetta especially in his Devil May Cry 4 persona based on their personalities and actions that made the two of them appealing.

Jack says that since they must be close to the orchids, they should press on. However, the others contend that there is no evidence that the orchids will have the same effect on humans. Wanting to leave, they start building an escape raft.

The name of Hornbuckle originated from the SNES port, in which Jade sometimes pops onto the stage right before a fight and says Hornbuckle Who?. This was a reference to Leanne Hornbuckle, from Sculptured Software.