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PACTR’s remit ensures that it can register all clinical trials that are conducted on the continent in all disease areas. PACTR is a primary member of the WHO’s International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP), and thus contributes data to the central search portal hosted by ICTRP.

Grundy used a number of devices to enable him to carry out surveys, including a theodolite, a circumferentor, Beighton’s improved plane table, and a Gunter’s chain. When he undertook work for the Duke of Baccleugh in 1731, surveying his south Lincolnshire estates, he used the opportunity to study banks, drains, sluices and outfalls.

Each group of three windows at the mezzanine level, or second floor, includes two Corinthian pilasters and is topped by a pointed arch and a frieze with three small shields above. The lobby is two stories high at its center and includes numerous Corinthian columns.

Both written and oral recipes created by generations of rural people are dusted off each year to present a great menu, prepared using carefully-chosen ingredients that are typical for the Asti region.

Largely independent from this cadastral development, local courts recorded deeds of conveyance. In the context of codification of national legislation, most European countries in the nineteenth century established a title system at the local courts.

He then finished third behind Harkaway and Caravan in the Tradesmen and Inkeepers’ Cup over two and a half miles at Cheltenham on 3 July. On his final start he broke down in a race at Guildford. Grey Momus began his stud career by returning to his breeder’s Sledmere Stud.