El Video Mas Reciente De La Tuta Muere

It is used as the theme song for the TV show Third Watch. The song is featured in the video games, Project Gotham Racing 4 and Motor Mayhem. A live version of the song is featured on the Family Values Tour 1999 CD.

WASEC used the channel (and its space on the Satcom satellite) to help form a new adult contemporary-focused sister network to MTV, VH1 (then known as Video Hits One, which featured a similar format as CMC), which launched just over a month later on January 1, 1985.

Recently Apatzingán has received media attention because of the strong presence of notorious, powerful and wealthy drug trafficking cartels. The city is home to the Knights Templar Cartel, led by Servando Gómez Martínez, known as La Tuta, originally a teacher in Arteaga.

Notwithstanding, Ademuz’s castle will still prove its worth during the many civil wars of the 19th century, with it being occupied and (supposedly) rebuilt several times by carlist troops. The town counts three pedanías (civil parishes): Mas del Olmo, Segsa and Val de la Sabina.

It borders Cómbita and Tuta in the north, Chivatá and Tunja in the south, Chivatá in the east and in the west Cómbita and Tunja. The name Oicatá comes from Chibcha and means Domain of the priests or Hailstoned farmlands.

The MAS boats slipped their tows, and entered, as their escort withdrew. At about a mile from the target, the MAS switched from petrol engines to silenced electrical engines for the final approach and as closing with their targets the three fired their torpedoes, a total of six.