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Sets of allocations could then be treated as Pareto efficient (Pareto optimal is an equivalent term) when no exchanges could occur between actors that could make at least one individual better off without making any other individual worse off.

Food parks, one each in the 2 regions of Coastal Andhra (value added rice products, dairy, horticultural, marine etc.); and in Rayalseema region (processing of vegetables, edible oils and export oriented industry).

Councils could ‘secede’, creating a new branch of councils that would be incorporated back into the system. Each level 1 council would be able to select its source of revenue. Property taxes would be likely, and Foldvary favors the land value tax as the most efficient, just, and unintrusive option.

Yongkang District. Yongkang District () is a district in Tainan, Taiwan. Due to the development of manufacturing and food-processing industries, Yongkang has become a migrant city since the 1970s, attracting many people from neighboring cities who now work and live in the city.

Food & Water Watch (2010) The Public Works: How Remunicipalization of Water Services Saves Money, http:/documents.foodandwaterwatch.org/doc/Remunicipalization.pdf. Hall, D. (2012) Re-municipalising Municipal Services in Europe.

This is the testimony book in two parts Hector Maseda wrote while he was a prisoner: Maseda, Hector: Enterrados Vivos - Part 1: http:/www.solidaridadconcuba.com/documentos/EnterradosVivos%20-%20HMaseda.pdf.

Penguin 3 was released October 5, 2012 and affected 0.3% of queries. Penguin 4 (AKA Penguin 2.0) was released on May 22, 2013 and affected 2.3% of queries. Penguin 5 (AKA Penguin 2.1) was released on October 4, 2013, affected around 1% of queries, and has been the most recent of the Google Penguin algorithm updates.

In 2005, aged 80, Watsa began writing a column called Ask the Sexpert for the newspaper Mumbai Mirror, which is noted for its witty replies to queries. The newspaper has subsequently been threatened with lawsuits and accusations of obscenity.