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Phadebas. Phadebas is a synthetic biochemical substrate used for both qualitative and quantitative assessment of the α-amylase enzyme. Its active component is DSM-P, microspheres in which a blue dye has been chemically bound.

DSM also has UK factories at Heanor in Derbyshire and Belfast. As stated, the Rye Water had a ford below Ryefield House which has been linked with the song Comin’ Thro’ the Rye collected by Robert Burns:-

The Devonshire Manuscript is a verse miscellany that was produced in the 1530s and early 1540s, and contains a range of works, from original pieces and fragments to translations and medieval verse. Compiled by three eminent women, it is one of the first examples of men and women collaborating on a literary work.

These supramolecular systems also bear appealing coordination properties, providing inspirations for the coordination phenomena existing in nature. Porphyrin nanoring systems are excellent examples in realizing this methodology and giant artificial molecular systems with their molecular weights of small proteins can be constructed.

Axis College of Engineering & Technology. Axis College of Engineering & Technology is a private engineering college situated in Kodakara, Thrissur District of Kerala, India. The college is affiliated to University of Calicut.

Bukharin himself speaks of his peculiar duality of mind in his last plea, which led to semi-paralysis of the will and Hegelian unhappy consciousness, which presumably stemmed from the conflict between his knowledge of the reality of Stalinist rule and the threat of fascism, which led Bukharin and others to follow Stalin, who had become the personification of the Party.

A doll with a rough, antagonistic personality and an independent, anarchist behaviour, Emília is Lobato’s most popular creation alongside Jeca Tatu and, according to studies and analyses of his work, she is his personification in the stories and that, towards the character, Lobato expresses his own ideas.

In a deviation from the typical rectangular plans of Second Empire houses, Barnett gave the house a cross axis plan with projecting wings. The house was added to the National Register of Historic Places on February 21, 1990.