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Among Clark’s inventions was his tied brick arch, of which examples exist in Calcutta and in other places in India; and he was joint patentee with William F. Batho of the well-known steam road roller. Among his schemes was a proposal for reclaiming the salt-water lakes in the neighbourhood of Calcutta.

Meyrowitz draws upon Erving Goffman’s work on social life, in the form of face-to-face interactions, as a kind of multi-stage drama (primarily from Goffman’s work The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life) and Marshall McLuhan’s work on changes in media of communication (primarily from McLuhan’s works The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man and ).

The port authority operates all seaports in the designated area, including Bergen Port and the oil refinery Mongstad. There are also bunkering terminals, a dry dock and floating docks within the jurisdiction of the authority.

Its eponymous village is grouped around the castle, high above the left bank of the Eckbach at an elevation of about 300 metres above sea level. Near the castle is the Old Vicarage ( Alte Pfarrey ), which was first recorded in 1524 and which houses a gourmet restaurant today.

Network news programming is provided by South Carolina Radio Network and NBC Radio. WBHC carries Clemson University Football, Hampton County high school football and baseball, and specialty programs including ‘On The Beach’ with Charlie Brown, Gospel and Old School/Urban Adult Contemporary Jams.

477 faculty members work in over 100 countries, as well as in the Northern Manhattan community. Their research areas include climate and health, HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention, healthy aging, maternal health, mental health, environmental toxins, the history and ethics of public health, healthcare reform and how to strengthen healthcare systems, among many other critical issues.

The rot grub and rot grub swarm appeared in third edition in Dungeonscape (2007). The rot grub appeared in the fourth edition in Monster Manual 3 (2010). Rot grubs will viciously burrow into living flesh until they reach the heart and kill their host.