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After destroying the Biomech Supply Depot and the Communications Base, Bob stumbles across a map that is said to reveal the location of a 5th Ancient Tomb and the Life Crystal. Terrified as to what may happen should it fall into enemy hands, Bob sets off to the tomb hoping to get there first.

Edward A. McCarthy. Edward Anthony McCarthy (April 10, 1918 – June 7, 2005) was the second Archbishop of Miami, Florida. He was appointed Coadjutor Archbishop of Miami on September 17, 1976 and succeeded Coleman Francis Carroll as Archbishop of Miami on July 26, 1977.

Tropical Depression Seven-E formed from an area of low pressure on July 16 about 560 mi (905 km) SE of Acapulco. It strengthened into Tropical Storm Fausto that afternoon. It strengthened gradually into a strong tropical storm on July 17 and a hurricane on July 18.

Miami was forced to bring on Matt Turk for another punt, giving New England the ball at their own 35 yard line. A third down catch by Branch and longs run by Faulk and Dillon set up a 2-yard Brady touchdown pass to Daniel Graham.

Talley graduated from the University of New Mexico with a degree in fine arts. After college, encouraged by Pete Seeger while on a trip to New Mexico, Talley began to write songs that drew upon the culture of the Southwest.

Another indicator for the popularity of the tune was the rush of bootlegs, mash-ups and remix-requests that followed its release. 2008 saw the much longed for re-release of What You Need (The remixes) with Marco V’s version conquering the charts anew.

The southern banded snake-eagle is a forest species and it mainly occurs in evergreen coastal forest but also in dense inland forests close to wetlands, it is occasionally recorded from more open areas of woodland.

Héctor Beltrán Leyva was captured by the Mexican Armed Forces on October 1, 2014. The August 11, 2011 arrest of Óscar Osvaldo García Montoya (a.k.a. El Compayito ), a cartel lieutenant, was called the last Beltran-Leyva link of any importance.

Other commonly used terms are ghetto blaster, stereo, jambox, boomblaster, Brixton briefcase and radio-cassette. The first boombox was developed by the inventor of the audio compact cassette, Philips of the Netherlands.