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In 1854, Durán was appointed as the chief librarian. The next year, however, he retired to devote himself to his literary work. In 1828, shortly after his first discharge from office, he published anonymously his Discurso sobre el influjo que ha tenido la critica moderna en la decadencia del teatro antiguo; this treatise greatly influenced the younger dramatists of the day.

Unelectric. Unelectric is an unplugged album by Joy Electric. It mainly features acoustic versions of Joy Electric songs from previous albums, with the exception of These Should Be The Good Times and Losing Touch With Everyone which were new songs recorded only for Unelectric.

KIOZ. KIOZ, also known as Rock 105.3, is an active rock station in San Diego, California. It is licensed in San Diego, California, and is owned by. The station’s studios are located in San Diego’s Serra Mesa neighborhood on the northeast side, and the transmitter is located in La Jolla.

On June 24, 1986 the City Council voted 6 to 1 to grant an exclusive right to negotiate a lease on the site with Thoryk & MacHutchin who by then were joined by a subsidiary of San Diego Gas & Electric as a partner in Belmont Park Associates.

With the space station saved, Commander Plank and General Hammond are assigned to command it together. Plank and Aunt Judy get married at a wedding at which Proto Zoa plays, dedicating his new song to Zenon for his having been revitalized by the whole experience.

Gage agreed and they headed to Oklahoma for a double wedding. She married an airman named Edward Thacker. At her mother’s insistence, the marriage to Thacker was annulled within the week. When Ennis came back into her life in 1953, the still 14-year-old Mary married him in Wichita Falls; they moved to Manhattan Beach, Maryland (near Severna Park).

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people made up 1.8 per cent of the population, which was lower than the national and state averages of 2.5 per cent. The median age of people in the Byron Shire area was 42 years, which was slightly higher than the national median of 37 years.

The group were also involved in a number of jam sessions with Xoel López and Quique González. As the culmination of a 200-date tour the band gave a number of unplugged performances. Material recorded at a concert in the Teatro Tívoli in Barcelona was released on a DVD called Barcelona (2006).

Koori Mail. The Koori Mail is an Australian newspaper written and owned by Indigenous Australians. It has iconic status amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their supporters. The Koori Mail was founded in 1991, by Owen Carriage.

Louis Armand wrote a book on l’Entreprise de Demain in 1970, and the history of the organization was also published in the Que Sais-Je? collection. In 1971, Louis Armand successfully pushed to have the word creativity included in the French dictionary.