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Historically, European immigrants had great influence over Australian history and society, which resulted in the perception of Australia as a European country. The first records of European mariners sailing into ‘Australian’ waters occurs around 1606, and includes their observations of the land known as Terra Australis Incognita (unknown southern land).

He returned to South Korea after completing his third degree and in 2004 Collins returned to Newfoundland and Labrador to work as Constituency Assistant to Paul Oram. Collins is a member of the Progressive Conservative Party and won his seat in a by-election on November 26, 2009 for the district of Terra Nova.

The city of Tlemcen displaced Tahert (Tiaret) as the main trading hub in the central Maghreb, lying on the west-east route between Fez and Ifrikiya. Another major route from Oran ran south through Tlemcen to the oases of the Sahara, and onward to the Western Sudan region to the south.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was the best-selling retail game in the UK in its week of release, but its launch week sales failed to surpass that of its predecessor, Human Revolution. It was the third best-selling game in the US in August 2016 according to NPD Group.

Because the Earth is in the very middle of the universe, it is equidistant on all sides to the firmament, and this is why it stays in place, rather than falling. The entirety of the universe, according to Manilius, is ruled by a god ( conspirat deus ) and governed by reason ( ratione gubernat ).