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He has an academic rank as Maître de conférences. A specialist of Africa since 1971, he authored many books on the African continent. He is the editor of L’Afrique réelle. He studied at the Paris X University Nanterre and edited a thesis (third cycle doctorate) naming L’Économie d’échange au Rwanda de 1850 à 1914.

The first appearance of The Count of Monte Cristo in English was the first part of a serialization by W. Francis Ainsworth in volume VII of Ainsworth’s Magazine published in 1845, although this was an abridged summary of the first part of the novel only and was entitled The Prisoner of If.

Anigre is often found in tropical East and West Africa, primarily in Cameroon but also in Angola, Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zaire. Exportation from Cameroon is actually prohibited by local laws.

The idea for the creation of the Stiftung Ettersberg goes back to the Spanish writer and dramatist Jorge Semprún. He encouraged to take advantage of it with a European perspective in order to further the idea of democratic development in Central and Eastern Europe and of a European integration.

But Afonso of Braganza persuaded Afonso V that Peter intended to lay siege to the city and provoke a popular uprising by the overwhelmingly supportive burghers. The latter interpretation gained currency, and Afonso V declared Peter a rebel and outlaw and led the royal army out to intercept his uncle’s march.

Neither Great Britain nor France had been consulted beforehand, and they did not give any official recognition to the Italian Protectorate. This Albanian republic under the leadership of Turhan Përmeti, protected by 100,000 soldiers of the Italian Army, adopted officially a red flag with a black eagle in the middle, but raised a storm of protests, even in the Italian Parliament.