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At around 8am, the first wave began its attack on the US Pacific Fleet based at Pearl Harbor and on outlying airfields. By the end of the day 21 American ships were either sunk or crippled, 188 aircraft were destroyed, and over 3,500 American personnel were casualties of war.

In 1768, Grill was ordered to return home as supercargo on the ship Cron Prins Gustaf. Even so, Hahr stayed behind in Canton, continued their business and was able to transfer Grill’s share of the profit through international bank notes.

It was also the name of a passenger train, the third streamliner train in North America after the Union Pacific Railroad’s M-10000 and the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad’s Pioneer Zephyr; the Flying Yankee was, in fact, a virtual clone of the latter, except that it dispensed with the baggage/mail space to seat 142 in three articulated cars.

He then moved to Montreal, becoming a correspondent for CBC Stereo’s Brave New Waves while pursuing a master’s degree at McGill University, but dropped his studies when he was offered the job of permanent host in 1985.

YWAM Missionary Lee Isaac Chung’s film Munyurangabo (Liberation Day) earned Un Certain Regard at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. Chung cast two street kids whom he found through YWAM’s soccer-outreach program as the stars of a film that dealt with the moral and emotional repercussions of the Rwandan Genocide.

The Kisima Music Awards, which recognise musical talent across East Africa, were founded and are currently based in Kenya. Every year numerous Kenyan artists take out categories in the scheme. The African Children’s Choir features children, many of whom are orphaned, from Kenya, as well as from other neighbouring African countries.

The park was sold because the park had run into financial difficulties following the heavy expenditure on The Ultimate. Queensborough Holdings were also in ownership of Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park at the time, which resulted in both parks sharing the same mascot Woody the Bear.