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Roger Ebert gave the film 4 stars, and he had similar comments about the film, describing it as representing another attempt by Disney to push the envelope of animation, with scenes that move through space with a freedom undreamed of in older animated films, and unattainable by any live-action process.

The hyanggyo soon fell into neglect, and for most of the Joseon period education was dominated by two types of private schools, seowon (preparatory schools mostly for the aristocracy) and seodang (private village schools providing elementary education).

The practice of vegetotherapy involves the analyst enabling the patient to physically simulate the bodily effects of strong emotions. In this technique, the patient is asked to remove his or her outer clothing, lie down on a sheet-covered bed in the doctor’s office, and breathe deeply and rhythmically.

These technical issues, paired with tight timelines, poor work progress, and failure to complete a computer task can create heightened computer anger and frustration. When this anger and frustration exceeds a person’s control, it can turn into rage.

Hollar, 1671, published by John Overton. A 2011 article in History Today explored the subtext in examples of Barlow’s work: though his wildlife paintings are superb works of art in themselves, they are, at the same time, full of rich metaphors that shed light on the anxieties and concerns of a Britain emerging from the horrors of civil war.

With reference to video evidence, the report states: Perception of the seal hunt seems to be based largely on emotion, and on visual images that are often difficult even for experienced observers to interpret with certainty.

As a result of the lack of an autonomous electoral law, seats were allocated to districts through specific Laws or Decrees for each election. For the 1999 election, seats were distributed as follows: Barcelona (85), Girona (17), Lleida (15) and Tarragona (18).