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Like other species of fairywrens, red-winged fairywrens may use a rodent-run display to distract predators from nests with young birds. While doing this, the head, neck and tail of the bird are lowered, the wings are held out and the feathers are fluffed as the bird runs rapidly and voices a continuous alarm call.

Agrexco also markets organic fruit and vegetables not sold in Israel, such as acorn squash, persimmons, Peruvian apple cactus, hot organic chili and mini palm tomatoes. Germany has shown the highest growth in demand for organic produce from Israel, followed by UK, France, Italy and Switzerland.

The ANZ Bank Soccer Club who played on a nearby soccer ground also utilised the facilities which became somewhat of an ANZ sporting complex. Due to the Australian F1 Grand Prix starting in 1996, the ANZ Staff Social Club would be later forced to relinquish this most popular site and move to the Beaurepaire Pavilion to make way for the Grand Prix Pit area.

Zenon Snylyk. Zenon Snylyk () (November 14, 1933 in Putiatynsi, now Ukraine – January 21, 2002 in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey) is a former Ukrainian-American soccer player. He played for numerous ethnic Ukrainian amateur and professional clubs in both the U.S. and Canada over a twenty-year career.

Another system was created in the 16th century by Pedro Nunes and was called nonius after him. It consisted of tracing a certain number of concentric circles on an instrument and dividing each successive one with one fewer divisions than the adjacent outer circle.

Most hikers completing the whole trail start at the trailhead in Masten and head north (as this makes some of the steeper grades descents rather than climbs). The Old Loggers Path is blazed in international orange, with double blazes and/or arrows to mark a change in direction.

Petersburg State University (1990). Completing his thesis: Gosudarstvennie sberegstelnie cassi v dorevoliutzionnoi Rossii (The State savings banks in pre-revolutionary Russia), The Petersburg branch of institute of the Russian history the Russian Academy of Science, 1996.

The effect is analogous to the circle of confusion in photography. In this focal cloud illustration, a perfect reflector would focus all beams into the blue spot. Due to imperfections of lens construction, the actual signal beams follow the red path to several different focal points, which form the focal cloud.