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As it was a complete reboot of the series and did not continue the canon of any previous Ninja Gaiden titles, the developers were free to do with the universe and its characters as it saw fit, and so the game was implemented into the DOA universe by being set up as a prequel to the first DOA.

Nura was replaced in the Legion by a male Naltorian named Rol Purtha a.k.a. Dream Boy. The events of the Infinite Crisis mini-series have apparently restored a close analogue of the Pre-Crisis Legion continuity, as seen in The Lightning Saga story arc in Justice League of America and Justice Society of America, and in the Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes story arc in Action Comics.

In Latvia the Personal Code () consists of 11 digits in form DDMMYY-XNNNC where the first six digits are person’s date of birth, the next one stands for a century person was born in (0 for XIX, 1 for XX and 2 for XXI), NNN is birth serial number in that day, and C is checksum digit.

The necessity of stripping the qualifier arises when using existing code and libraries that cannot be modified but which are not const-correct. For instance, consider this code: / Prototype for a function which we cannot change but which.

A single ball machine is used with numbered balls ranging from 1 through 53 (before October 24, 1999, there were 49 balls). Anyone who matches all six numbers in any order wins or shares the jackpot. In October 2009, the Lotto Xtra option was introduced, replacing Lotto Plus.

In 2008 world pumped storage generating capacity was 104 GW, while other sources claim 127 GW, which comprises the vast majority of all types of grid electric storage - all other types combined are some hundreds of MW.

The immediate response of the USPTO to this decision as of July 2014 has been to essentially stop allowing business method patents. The key issue is that examiners do not yet have clear guidance as to what is allowable under the Alice decision.