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The big-eared hopping mouse lived in sand dune environments, the same of which were used in the 1800s for sheep herding, as well as mass land clearing. Both of these impacted the condition of the soils, grass, nutrients, leaves, and other organic materials in the mouse’s habitat.

It is virtually impossible to run away or even to know which way to run. Some people who have died in the icefall and whose bodies have not been recovered have reportedly shown up at the base of the icefall many years later, as the ice continually migrates downward toward Everest Base Camp.

Albums. Singles. Shane’s debut album was simply titled Shane Wiebe and has gotten many positive reviews by both music critics and many fans alike. Nine of the eleven songs on the album were written or cowritten by Shane.

Panaretos was obviously greatly affected by their deaths because it is the only personal event that he describes in his chronicle. His Chronicle is a very brief work of twenty printed pages, covering the history of the Empire of Trebizond from its foundation in 1204.

At the same time, Bast developed into an immensely popular and important deity representing fertility, motherhood, protection, and the benevolent aspects of the sun – along with Sekhmet, she was known as the Eye of Ra.

He was selected as the Conservative candidate for Waveney in the 2001 general election but failed to win the seat. He was a councillor in the London Borough of Redbridge. In the 2005 general election, Scott gained the Ilford North seat, defeating the Labour MP Linda Perham.