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Vale secured promotion with a third-place finish at the end of the season, and Pope finished on 33 goals in 51 games. He was voted onto the PFA Team of the Year, alongside teammate Jennison Myrie-Williams.

The Stirling torcs, found in 2009, are a group of four gold torcs in different styles, dating from 300 BC and 100 BC Two demonstrate common styles found in Scotland and Ireland, but the other two indicate workmanship from what is now southern France and the Greek and Roman worlds.

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Pirita (river) The Pirita () is a long river in northern Estonia that drains into Tallinn Bay (part of the Gulf of Finland) in Pirita, Tallinn. The basin area of the Pirita is 799 km². For the 1980 Summer Olympics held in Moscow, the estuary to the Gulf of Finland at Tallinn Bay hosted the sailing events.

Besides of being an umbrella specification of the other APIs, OpenKODE also contains an API of its own, OpenKODE Core. OpenKODE Core defines POSIX-like functions to access operating system resources such as file access.

However, the pontoon effect is much more likely in vessels with a high center of gravity and low or non-existent displacement other than the pontoons. A pontoon vessel such as a catamaran floats in a level position when the center of gravity of the entire vessel (including its load) is above the center of buoyancy.

POMAR-AMER, Miquel (2014): Voices emerging from the border. A reading of the autobiographies by Najat El Hachmi and Saïd El Kadaoui as political interventions, PLANETA LITERATUR. JOURNAL OF GLOBAL LITERARY STUDIES 12014, 33-52, online, http:/