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In 2000, the multipurpose building was enlarged to accommodate the expanding library. In 2001, a chapel (later named Peter Knutsen Chapel) was erected. In 2006, a second dormitory, including a student center, was completed.

Water supply and sanitation in Spain. This article has last been comprehensively updated in March 2016, with minor updates in March 2015. Water supply and sanitation in Spain is characterized by universal access and generally good service quality, while tariffs are among the lowest in the EU.

Lunar X. The Lunar X (also known as the Werner X) is a clair-obscur effect in which light and shadow creates the appearance of a letter ‘X’ on the rim of the Blanchinus, La Caille and Purbach craters. The X is visible only for a few hours before the first quarter, slightly below the lunar terminator.

The Steelers drove from their own 27 yard line, but were unable to score. Pittsburgh entered week eleven with starters having missed 31 games due to injuries. The San Diego Chargers scored first, and led 7–0 after the first quarter of play.

Tales of Tomorrow was the first dramatized showcase for several authors, including Arthur C. Clarke. Other early science fiction writers whose work was reflected in the series included Fredric Brown ( The Last Man on Earth and Age of Peril ), Philip Wylie ( Blunder ), C.M.

Barton Paul Levenson. Barton Paul Levenson (May 9, 1960–present) is an American writer of science fiction, fantasy and the macabre. He is a long-standing member of one of Pittsburgh’s oldest Science-Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Workshops, Carnegie-Mellon University-based Pittsburgh Worldwrights, which includes Pittsburgh science fiction writer Kenneth Chiacchia among its members.