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Two more officers were reprimanded. The board was reviewed by then Governor Theodore Roosevelt, who noted the greater part of the Seventy-First of their own free will took part in the storming of San Juan hill, and showed that no matter how cowardly their officers might be, they were willing to obey their country’s call.

The Black Panther logo was drawn by Sydney artist Kevin McKay and featured a cartoon depicting a black panther leaning against an automobile. United Artists did not provide evidence of support and their opposition application eventually lapsed and the trademark was duly registered.

Students must still go on to complete a bachelor’s degree before serving as active duty regular officers. The program is a major financial incentive for students to receive their commissions early and serve as officers while still attending college and gaining service time for promotions and retirement.

From August 21 to October 1, 2000, Subway promoted the series with four toys in their kids’ meals. A set of six kids’ meal toys was available as part of an April 2001 Dairy Queen promotion, which also included a sweepstakes offering the Powerpuff Girls VHS Boogie Frights.

In January 2009, members voted overwhelmingly to transfer arrangements to Midlands Co-operative Society, which took effect on 8 February 2009. The Moulton Co-op was one of the last single store societies in the Midlands region, following the mergers of Desborough, Ilkeston and Raunds co-ops with the Midlands Society in recent years.