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Growth should create decent jobs, take place with resource efficiency and within planetary boundaries, and should support efforts to mitigate climate change. The African Union’s report, entitled Common African Position (CAP) on the Post-2015 Development Agenda, likewise encouraged the international community to focus on eradicating the twin problems of poverty and exclusion in our lifetime.

Transport in Bulgaria. Transport in Bulgaria is dominated by road transport, despite nearly half of all paved roads belonging to the lowest category of roads. As of December 2015, the country had 774 kilometers of highways.

But Tramiel had beaten Commodore to the punch. His design was 95% completed by June (which fueled speculation that his engineers had taken technology with them from Commodore). In July 1984 he bought the consumer side of Atari Inc. from Warner Communications which allowed him to strike back and release the Atari ST earlier in 1985 for about $800.

Amy Kelly, in her article, Eleanor of Aquitaine and her Courts of Love, gives a very plausible description of the origins of the rules of Eleanor’s court: in the Poitevin code, man is the property, the very thing of woman; whereas a precisely contrary state of things existed in the adjacent realms of the two kings from whom the reigning duchess of Aquitaine was estranged.

Maddoux died on March 4, 2004. His program, Point of View, continued on the USA Radio Network for several years afterward with other hosts. In 2008, USA Radio Network merged its corporate structure under Larry Bates of Memphis, Tennessee with Information Radio Network, a network with a more alternative focus, with programming on the two networks remaining separate.

Andorra, Philadelphia. Andorra is a neighborhood in Northwest Philadelphia, which is a section of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Andorra is a part of Roxborough, being within the borders of the original Roxborough Township and having the same zip code (19128).

The Tome of Battle was written by Richard Baker, Matthew Sernett, and Frank Brunner, and was published in August 2006. Cover art was by Eric Polak, with interior art by Kalman Andrasofszky, Steve Ellis, Wayne England, Emily Fiegenschuh, Howard Lyon, Jeff Nentrup, Torstein Nordstrand, Michael Phillippi, Arnie Swekel, and Beth Trott.

Sharon Center, Ohio. Sharon Center is an unincorporated community in Medina County, Ohio, United States. It is centered at the intersection of Ohio state routes 94 and 162 in Sharon Township (see map at right.) This intersection is actually a large traffic circle with a park in the center containing a gazebo and several memorials to veterans of various wars.