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A synopsis of each season is included, as well as a first air date, when known. From the ashes of the Dominion War, the Federation meets the Grey, a powerful confederacy of alien races. The USS Excelsior is assigned to a new starbase, Deep Space 12, which serves to protect the healing planet Ba’ku and the hidden frontier of the mysterious Briar Patch.

HP OXPd is a standard feature for HP LaserJet printers and MFPs manufactured after 2010 and is available as a firmware upgrade for many legacy HP devices. Details on which products qualify for the upgrade can be found on

Nagar, Bangalore with her parents, before moving to Mumbai to pursue modelling. She won several beauty contests including the Miss Bangalore title before embarking on her film career. Bhattacharya started her film career by appearing in the Kannada films Khushi and Bisi Bisi.

Schreder went on to start work on the HP-22 before the HP-21 was finished and, even though the prototype HP-21 carried the registration of N38100, it was never registered and there is no indication that it was ever completed or flown.

Athletic events were being held in schools in Australia by the early part of the twentieth century. The Glennie School in Toowoomba was one school to host races for girls during their annual girls’ sport day.

The third season was structured with two mini-seasons mimicking the two high school semesters. Falchuk was less definite about the number or format, saying only that if there was a tribute episode, it would be in the second half of the season.

The company had a joint venture with Bexel allowing it to complete its phase 1(a), (b) and phase 2(a) clinical trails for the anti-diabetic molecule BLX-1002 and get patent clearance in the U.S. After obtaining the patent, the company made an agreement with pharmaceutical companies in Canada to help produce oral drugs and veterinarian injectables before expanding its market into Europe.