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A series of telephone warnings were then delivered from a phonebox in Forkhill, County Armagh, Northern Ireland, with the caller using a recognised IRA codeword and stating [there’s] a massive bomb… clear a wide area.

In 2005, the track started the season as Calhoun County Speedway. During the season the name of the facility was changed to Springport Motor Speedway. In 2006 the track was promoted by local racing legend Gary Fedewa (along with Spartan Speedway) but again, financial issues closed the track early, in August.

Greene, in turn, may have based the work on The Clerk’s Tale, one of The Canterbury Tales of Chaucer. Edward Chaney suggested that Robert Greene when writing Pandosto may have had in mind the Earl of Oxford’s suspicions about the paternity of his daughter (granddaughter of Lord Burghley) when he returned in 1576 from his continental tour that may have included Sicily.

Berry Mansion. The Berry Mansion was built in Frankfort, Kentucky, in 1900 by George Franklin Berry. It is located on a hill just west of downtown that overlooks the state capitol building. The estate surrounding the home was named Juniper Hill after the red cedar trees ( Juniperus virginiana ) located on the property.

Barnwell was the 349th bishop of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. He was also the first president of what is now Boise State University. Middleton S. Barnwell was born September 9, 1882 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Based on an assessment by the Provincial Criminal Office at Dresden the Government of Saxony does not think it appropriate to make publicly known the internal arrangements and tools of the criminal police, particularly in connection with the taking of finger prints, as this would make the fighting of crime more difficult.

It is also possible to lose one’s entitlement to damages if steps are not taken to mitigate further losses, that any prudent person would, rather than sitting back and letting losses run up. But the burden of proof of a failure to mitigate is on a contract breaker, to whom the courts are unlikely to be sympathetic.

State Attorney General Gary King, a Democrat, said his office will take no action to stop Ellins from issuing licenses to same-sex couples. We feel like our position that the laws aren’t constitutional presents a barrier from us bringing action in that suit, said King, referring to parts of the New Mexico Administrative Code that make gendered references to married persons.

Guillem travelled widely in Spain, sojourning at the courts of Peter II of Aragon and Alfonso IX of León. Eventually he entered a hospital in Spain, in the land of Lord Roiz Peire dels Gambiaros (probably Pedro Ruiz de los Cameros), and there ended his life.

After the federal government dropped election fraud charges against some Democrats, Cardozo was pardoned in 1879 by Governor William Dunlap Simpson. Cardozo moved to Washington, DC, where he accepted a position as clerk Treasury Department upon the appointment by John Sherman.

Kate has remained a significant part of the NCIS universe in the years following Alexander’s final episode ( Kill Ari Part II ). In Mind Games (S0303), for example, DiNozzo tells Special agent Timothy McGee to ask Todd whether they have knee pads or not before realizing she is dead, while suspect Kyle Boone uses Todd’s death in an attempt to intimidate Gibbs.

Boone investigates murders, but inspector Gravel (Mark Pereira) suspects Boone is the serial killer. Dirk Lombarde (Peter Warner) is introduced as Pete’s rival. A series of flashbacks show Boone’s troubled childhood lead him to become a detective.