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The first, issued on 7 February, marked the capture of the Chinese entrenched camp of Dong Song: Les formidables camps retranchés de Ha-Hoa et de Dong-Song sont entre vos mains avec d’immenses approvisionnements d’armes, de munitions et de vivres que votre élan n’a pas permis à l’ennemi d’emporter.

In Bulgaria, it is an important part of Christmas Eve preparations. Traditionally а young man of the family was sent dressed in his best clothes to cut down an oak, elm, or pear tree. That tree is used as the Budnik ().

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With the Laredo and Abilene franchises failing to return, the LSFL added the West Texas Wildcatters in Odessa and the Rio Grande Valley Sol in Hidalgo to the league. On August 14, 2014, it was announced at the league website that they merged with the Champions Professional Indoor Football League to create what they say is the largest indoor football league in the country.

Salvatore Capua-Sanseverino, Prince of Riccia and Marquis of Raia, who died in 1858. With its classic architecture the arches of the chapel imitates lateral chapels of the church of Sant’Anna dei Lombardi, where just two years later Florentine artists introduce in the Tuscan taste for sumptuous decoration in fresco and stucco motifs.

In 2006, he made his debut at St. Petersburg State Molodyozhny Theatre on Fontanka (Russia) () directing Blue Roses, ( Синие розы ) based on by Tennessee Williams’s The Glass Menagerie. In 2008, at the same theatre he directed and adapted for stage a novel Job ( Иов ) by the Austrian writer Joseph Roth.

List of major paintings by Masaccio. Masaccio is important for developing naturalistic depiction of 3D space containing figures conceived as accurate plastic objects. In his paintings the newly discovered laws of perspective were applied, the drawing of foreshortened parts was correct, and the anatomy of the human body was well understood.

At the 1883 Roman Exposition, he displayed two female statues: a Daughter of the Sea and La Rèverie. He also displayed a Bacchus, and a Garibaldi on July 25, 1866, and La Touriste. A monument to Garibaldi by Braga is standing in Novara.