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Urmaa was pregnant for 10 months, but could not give birth. When she finally did give birth, it was to a strange red mass. Ujung Aldar ordered a servant to throw it out, but then a voice cried from within, I’m suffocating! Let me out of here!

While the practice has at times been a controversial issue in discussions of racial identity, visits to the hair salon have become embedded in black culture, fulfilling an important social role especially for women.

After going down in the Eastern Conference Finals 3–2 to the New Jersey Devils, Rangers’ captain Mark Messier made one of the most famous guarantees in sports history, stating that the Rangers would win Game 6 in New Jersey to tie the series 3–3.

Ralph McKittrick. Ralph McKittrick (August 17, 1877 – May 4, 1923) was an American golfer and tennis player who competed in the 1904 Summer Olympics. In 1904 McKittrick was part of the American team which won the silver medal in the team golf event.

Dancing more than a few polkas in running shoes can cause pain wherever legs are weakest, the knees of this typist. A common solution, for the enthusiast, is buying a pair of leather soled dancing shoes.

Others also thought so but had nevertheless played. At bridge he liked to seize the initiative early in a match; some of his bidding manoeuvres (which often centred round the spade suit) became legendary.

While driving away from her house some three blocks away, Chigurh is badly injured in a car accident, sustaining a compound fracture of his left ulna and walking away with a limp. At the collision scene, before the authorities arrive, he offers $100 to a teenager on a bicycle to give him his shirt, seeking to use it to bind up his wounds himself.