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It perhaps derives from jacques and jakes, an old English term. Loo - The etymology of loo is obscure. The Oxford English Dictionary notes the 1922 appearance of How much cost? Waterloo. Watercloset. in James Joyce’s novel Ulysses and defers to Alan S. C.

Sacred Heart (Dio album) Sacred Heart is Dio’s third studio album. It was released in August 15, 1985 on Warner Bros. Records. The record peaked at No. 29 on the Billboard 200 chart. It is one of Dio’s most well-known albums, and includes singles such as Sacred Heart, Rock ‘n’ Roll Children and Hungry for Heaven.

He received his episcopal consecration on the following May 1 from Bishop Edward Francis Hoban, with Bishops James A. McFadden and Joseph Thomas McGucken serving as co-consecrators. He was named vicar general of the diocese in March 1948 and pastor of St.

In 1989, Vangelis released Themes, a compilation album featuring unreleased music from several of his film scores, as well as material from non-film-related albums. The album includes the End Titles, Memories of Green and Love Theme from Blade Runner, as the first appearance of the original versions of those tracks.

They are well known for their deadly long ranged weaponry, however are considered poor hand-to-hand fighters. It is known that a prince of Arkanar once fell in love with and married a barbarian princess.

Great American Songbook. The Great American Songbook, also known as American Standards, is the canon of the most important and influential American popular songs and jazz standards from the early 20th century.

During the services, there are specified times when monks are to remove the klobuk and lay it on their left shoulder to denote reverence for the sacred (for instance, when the Priest brings the Chalice out through the Holy Doors for the distribution of Holy Communion during the Divine Liturgy).

Huff eventually produced and shopped a few of Wyatt’s demos in hopes of landing her a record deal. During her mid-teens, she performed demo songs for various gospel labels, earning around $1,500 per recording.

Each Irish bishop spoke for about five minutes. Brady agreed that there had been tensions among the bishops over the fallout from the Murphy Report, but to describe them as ‘divisions’ is another matter.