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James Montgomery described the music video as a psychedelic special effects extravaganza that is sometimes really literal. and sometimes just confusing. The Orion gave the video a thumbs up rating, writing We also have wondered how magnets work.

Sterner’s protégés included the New York architect Rosario Candela. A number of Sterner’s buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places including the Greenbrier Hotel, Daniels & Fisher Tower, Briarhurst, Minnequa Steel Works Office Building and Dispensary and Glen Eyrie.

Scutus antipodes. Scutus antipodes is a large species of marine gastropod mollusc in the family Fissurellidae, the keyhole limpets and slit limpets. S. antipodes is endemic to the waters off eastern Australia and Tasmania.

Arado E.381. The Arado E.381 ( Kleinstjäger – smallest fighter ) was a proposed parasite fighter aircraft. Conceived by Arado Flugzeugwerke in December 1944 for Germany’s Luftwaffe during World War II, the E.381 was to have been carried aloft by and launched from an Arado Ar 234 mother aircraft.

Bipalium kewense is a very long land planarian. The anterior end ( head ) is expanded in a transversal semilunate shape and the body is the narrowest just behind the head, in a region called neck. The dorsal color is light-brown with five black to grey longitudinal stripes that begin at the neck.

He was knighted by Henry VIII in 1514, and from 1516 was in personal attendance on the king as Knight of the Body. On 3 January 1518 he was dubbed Knight of the Bath. Next year he was one of the four sad and ancient knights who were put into the king’s privy chamber.

S.J. Perelman’s 1945 feuilleton No Dearth of Mirth, Fill Out the Coupon, describes Perelman’s fictionalized encounter with a jokebook publisher named Barnaby Chirp. Perelman’s 1962 play, The Beauty Part, features the caricature Harry Hubris, who was based on Cerf and played on Broadway by Bert Lahr.