Bash Command Not Found Brocade Fabric By The Yard

A fork bomb using the Bash shell: (The trick here is that: is a function name - otherwise it is identical to bomb(){ bomb|bomb& }; bomb)
Same as above, but encoded into a standalone shell script as opposed to a shell function:

These new cars for the first-season were factory ordered in the bright red color (Ford paint code: 2B), which was a regular production color for 1975 Torinos. Unlike the pilot-movie cars, the first-season Torinos had no body-side mouldings, but did have body-colored sport mirrors, and brocade cloth split-bench seats.

She once wore the inscription The last of the Many on her port and starboard sides - the original fabric with this inscription is now located in the BBMF Headquarters at RAF Coningsby. The Lancaster bomber - PA474, acquired by the BBMF in 1973, is one of only two surviving airworthy examples of the type; the other is in Canada.

In autumn 1885 Durand was transferred to the Morgan Iron Works as an inspector on the engines for the USS Boston and USS Atlanta. In November 1885 Durand received a telegram ordering him to the Brooklyn Navy Yard to participate in sea trials of the USS Dolphin.

Albergetti also appeared in 1955’s The Last Command, which starred Sterling Hayden, and had the leading role in the western Duel at Apache Wells in 1957. In 1959, the 22-year-old Alberghetti played the lead in The Conchita Vasquez Story of NBC’s Wagon Train.

Rangers chased the insurgents and were fired upon from a pick-up truck. The rangers fired back in self-defence resulting in four dead civilians in the truck with others wounded. The rangers found AK-47 assault rifles, but also claimed that the four dead civilians were not affiliated with insurgents in any way.

A friend of Atwater’s who came to the scene took the children into her care while the officer arrested Atwater. Turek handcuffed Atwater, in front of her two young children, placed her in his squad car, did not fasten her seat belt, and drove her to the police station to be booked.

Chillie McIntosh, the chief’s oldest son, had also been sentenced to die, but he escaped by diving through a window. Etommee Tustunnuggee, another Creek chief who signed the 1825 treaty, was killed during the raid.