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Born in Winchester, England, Scarlet’s mother was Ann Brightman, an English astrophysicist, while his father, Tom Metcalfe, was an American pilot who later joined the International Space Agency. As a boy of ten, Paul watched his father take humankind’s first steps on Mars and vowed to follow in his historic footsteps.

This species is classified as Near Threatened (NT) according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (v3.1, 2001). Classified as such because this species is likely in significant decline (but at a rate of less than 30% over ten years) due to persecution, accidental mortality and over-harvesting, therefore making it close to qualifying for Vulnerable.

The prospect of using WISE was proposed by NASA officials. NASA officials told Committee staff that NASA plans to use WISE to detect near-Earth objects in addition to performing its science goals. It was projected that WISE could detect 400 NEOs (or roughly 2 percent of the estimated NEO population of interest) within its one-year mission.

It is intended to resolve a puzzle that has plagued philosophy for some time, namely: How is it possible to discover empirically that a necessary truth is true? Two-dimensionalism provides an analysis of the semantics of words and sentences that makes sense of this possibility.

Rapuano acknowledged the contact, but claimed it was accidental. In August 2009, plate umpire Rapuano ejected Philadelphia Phillies center fielder Shane Victorino for arguing balls and strikes from his position in the outfield.

She attributes this thinking to a lecture she heard from the Snopes founders, where they explained that urban legends give people a feeling of control, and if they don’t do this activity then they will be alright.