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Anglo-Saxon silver pennies were the currency used to pay the Danegeld, essentially protection money paid to the Vikings so that they would go away and not ravage the land. As an illustration of how heavy a burden the Danegeld was, more Anglo-Saxon pennies from the decades around the first millennium have been found in Denmark than in England.

Through his contacts with the Albanian expatriate movement, he became an ardent supporter of his country’s nationalist movement and moved to the United States in 1906. He first worked in Buffalo, New York, in a lumber mill and then moved to Boston, Massachusetts and worked as an operator on a machine which stamped labels on cans.

Keres smiled and said: ‘But can you imagine what it was like to play him when he was young?’ Botvinnik also played many short training matches against strong grandmasters including Salo Flohr, Yuri Averbakh, Viacheslav Ragozin, and Semion Furman – in noisy or smoky rooms if he thought he would have to face such conditions in actual competition.

Oates was one of the NHL’s great playmakers, a style that he credits his father as encouraging: It was just kind of our family talks: ‘If you can be unselfish, your teammates will always like you.’ And it just kind of became my role, where I was obviously trying to please my dad, growing up and becoming a playmaker out of that.

These rocks now form many sharp hills and mountains in the Valley, lending it much of its picturesque beauty. During the Triassic time, Massachusetts’s portion of the Connecticut River Valley formed a shallow arm of the sea, leaving deposits that enriched the Pioneer Valley’s inordinately fertile soil.

One of the Cooper Car Company’s first customers, Moss used winnings from competing in horse-riding events to pay the deposit on a Cooper 500 racing car in 1948. He then persuaded his father, who opposed his racing and wanted him to be a dentist, to let him buy it.

Mother tongue spoken: The Capitol Theatre is Canada’s last functioning atmospheric theatre. The theatre’s main auditorium is styled after an outdoor medieval courtyard where rolling clouds are projected onto the ceiling.

There is a minority Tibetan Muslim population. There is also a small Tibetan Christian population in the eastern Tibet and northwestern Yunnan of China. Legend said that the 28th king of Tibet, Thothori Nyantsen, dreamed of a sacred treasure falling from heaven, which contained a Buddhist sutra, mantras, and religious objects.

There were 1,585 dwellings of which 493 were detached. The 2011 UK Census recorded the population as 4,429 in 1,808 households. The primary schools in the village are Sowerby Community Primary School and All Saints Roman Catholic Primary School.